Torrefarrera Businessmen’s Association

The Torrefarrera Employers’ Association with this web page wants to provide another communication tool for transmitting the concerns and proposals that may arise from all the members in order to make this a collective forum. or everyone is represented and identified. We are a heterogeneous group but at the same time with similar problems and needs close enough that the experience of each one can be used by all and in this way go together the path we set out to start their businesses.

Our mission is to motivate and guide business vocations, facilitate business generation by bringing people closer together and foster a culture of collaboration. AET aims to be a dynamic, creative, fresh, current and trendy association, supporting the entrepreneur and the entrepreneur within a culture of cooperation. The core values that guide us are those of collaboration, networking, dynamism, motivation, enthusiasm, transparency, commitment, continuous improvement, initiative, teamwork, creativity and independence.

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